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Intellectual Property

Strong command of the Delaware District Court

Strong command of the Delaware District Court

Morris James has a defense-based IP practice headed by Ken Dorsney, a registered patent attorney. We have an earned reputation based on decades of success in hundreds of trials, representing Fortune 500 companies across the nation. We are an IAM Patent 1000 recommended firm.

Strong Command of Delaware District Court. We know the judges, procedures, and law inside-and-out. We have substantial roles in the cases that file in Delaware, most notably to patent defendants.

eDiscovery expertise. Unique to Morris James is our background in electronically stored information. We have a firm-wide eDiscovery system that is seamless and efficient. We have also been instrumental in the drafting of the Delaware District Court Default Standards, as well as eDiscovery rules and guidelines in other Delaware Courts.

Nimble. We are a nimble but formidable team, offering clients and co-counsel superior legal ability and client service at reasonable fees.


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