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complex and unique legal issues covering Delaware corporations

Innovative solutions across a broad range of industries and professions.

At Morris James, we bring to each engagement a wealth of experience honed by thousands of transactions, ranging in scope from modest local start-ups to sophisticated domestic and cross-border financings valued in excess of $100 billion.

Our collective experience in business, finance, taxation, and real estate transactions, combined with our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Delaware corporate and alternative entity law, enables us to provide sophisticated, comprehensive, and cutting-edge representation to clients throughout the entire life cycle of a business entity.

We are the authority on Delaware law. We know the statutes, judges, court procedures, and the local rules. Our lawyers have been instrumental in the drafting and revising of the Delaware alternative entity statutes, and participate in the annual review process regarding potential amendments to local court rules. Our clients benefit from this unique and in-depth knowledge of Delaware corporate and alternative entity law through sophisticated, comprehensive, and cutting-edge representation throughout the entire life cycle of a business entity.

Trustworthy opinionsClients engage us to render opinions on Delaware law for Delaware corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and trusts. Our opinions are crucial to the structuring of large domestic and international transactions, both public and private. Many of these transactions are rated by the major rating agencies where an opinion from a well-regarded Delaware firm is required. We are highly regarded for our attention to detail and thorough due diligence, as well as our flexibility and willingness to approach unique situations with creativity in order to meet the clients’ goals and facilitate their closings.

Go-to counsel for equipment finance. We are best known for work in equipment and transportation finance, though our structured finance team’s expertise has grown to include asset securitizations, infrastructure and other project financings, tender option bonds, bankruptcy-remote structures, and commercial defeasance transactions. We are well-regarded for in-depth knowledge of Delaware law, professionalism, and responsiveness.


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