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Delaware Today "Top Lawyers" Recognizes 46 Morris James Lawyers

News & Media Mentions

46 Attorneys Across 20 Practices

October 26, 2022

Morris James proudly congratulates 46 MJ Attorneys for receiving the recognition as a 2023 Delaware Today "Top Lawyer". This award is a peer recognition based upon an annual survey from the thousands of Delaware State Bar Association members. The surveys are analyzed by Delaware Today's editorial staff and featured in the magazine's November issue. 

The list of attorneys and their practice areas featured in November are indicated below.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Rich Galperin
Lewis Lazarus
John Noble

Sarah Ennis
Eric Hacker

Banking Law
Brian Ellis

Bankruptcy Business
Brya Keilson
Chuck Kunz
Steve Miller
Eric Monzo
Jeff Waxman

Business Law
Ross Antonacci
Shannon Frazier
Jonathan Strauss

Corporate Law
Albert Carroll
Albert Manwaring
Tyler O’Connell

Allyson Britton

Employment/Labor Law
Jim McMackin
David Williams

Estate, Probate and Trusts
James Gallagher, II
Cindy Szabo
Bruce Tigani

Family Law
Jill Di Sciullo
Alyssa Kelly
Gretchen Knight

Government Affairs
Dennis Schrader
Tyler Maron

Healthcare Law
Kimberly Hoffman

Insurance Law
David Soldo

Intellectual Property
Kenneth Dorsney
Cortlan Hitch

Land Use
Rob Gibbs

Medical Malpractice
Joshua Meyeroff
Ryan Keating

Personal Injury
Keith Donovan
Matthew Fogg
Kevin Healy
Michael Owen

Real Estate, Real Property and
Personal Property
John Bloxom, IV
Veronica Faust
John Newcomer, Jr.

Tort Law
Susan Ament
Christopher Componovo

Workers’ Compensation
Wilson Gualpa
Ross Karsnitz

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